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New Mascots! and Refreshable Conversations!

Mousie and Mousietoo!

These two are really meant for the big update tomorrow!

Scroll all the way down to view their conversations tomorrow. ;-) Oh, and refresh to see a new conversation each time!

Here’s the simple idea:

< [Mousie] TFMice is  great! :D
> [EN] [Mousietoo] ikr!!!

And then you refresh the website, scroll all the way down and read a new conversation! There will be other details, too, within these conversations just like a real Transformice chat such as moderator messages, people are just logged on and more! (Note, this isn’t a real chat!)

Moderator / Server messages a really rare. ;-) So you might have  to keep refreshing to see those!

Big update, tomorrow (July 24th), 4PM Central Time!

Parallax View!

The big TFMice update will come tomorrow (july 24th) at 4 PM  CENTRAL TIME! We hope this new view of our blog will keep our site-goers coming to our website than the official website!

This new update is super cool! Can’t wait for everyone to see. :-)

TFMice is getting a major new update!

Brand new website is sure to come! We’re excited to present to you guys!

All we can say is… PARALLAX VIEW. 

Hopefully, this big update will make you guys view TFMice more than the official website!

- Excite

Completely updated.

Anyone that needs the ultimate help!

Thanks, source unknown. :-)

The guide was updated -