Today, France legalized gay marriage!

And sorry for the cursing but ABOUT FUCKING TIME. I got really tired of all the fuss and stupidity around it, and I’m glad it’s now over and done. The word “Equality” on our buildings finally has a meaning.

To celebrate, have a crappy 5 min sketch !


More mice drawings for Transformice. Slowly getting through these @_@

Sooo beautiful *-*

Oh yes. It’s true! We’re back in full glory but with a new owner! TOXICDRAGON!

Just because there’s a new owner, doesn’t mean TFMice is not the same TFMice you all know and loved… right?! Okay… Maybe not. But it’s a GOOD thing!

With Toxicdragon large and in charge of TFMice, there will be tons of new things that will be added and tons of new parties / events!

Although there has been lots of altercations with the admins and Xccit, it is now time to give this very first Transformice blog a revival it needs!

Check out the new TFMice site! It is still being worked on and there will be a lot more pages to look at soon!

- TFMice, since 2011!


map I found for the transformice update, puttin’ this up so I can easily link other mice ‘n help ‘em out!