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Summer Event Guide!

We've got the official event guide for your explorational needs!

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TFMice Play!

Some games from Atelier 801 studios say it's "fullscreen". But do you want true fullscreen such as the new hit game "Neckodancer"? Click here to play!

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TFMice Art

There are some big fans of the game and they sure love to draw! Check out these amazing, funny, creepy, creative and brilliant Transformice art from the creators and from the players! Click here to view!

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TFMice Wiki

Think you know everything about Transformice? Think again! We've got the official Transformice Wikis on our website! Click here to visit

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TFMice Forums

Join the thousands in community and discuss Transformice! Find out things you didn't know and things that'll help you out. Or, play wiki games and join player-created events! Click here to visit!

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TFMice Blogs!

We have a number of websites besides this one! Check out the ones we have now if you're a fan of any of the Atelier 801 games!

Click here to visit!

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